About the company 


Supersnow is a company dealing with design and production of comprehensive snowmaking systems. Since 20 years our facilities can be found in the leading ski resorts in most European countries, in Asia, South America, North America also. Our devices can be found in over 30 countries in all over the world.

Continuous development and consistent implementation of the goals set, allowed to open a company branch in Roppen in 2017 in Austrian Alps. There is located a modern distribution center, warehouse, point in the logistics infrastructure network and above all, the Supersnow service base.

About the company 

Dereroy & Co.

Company entered Decarbonization industry by providing two of its main sectors, that of Carbon Capturing and Usage (CCU) and of Power to Gas (PTG) energy storage, with the benefits of two revolutionary technologies for:

(1) direct recycling of captured carbon dioxide (CO2) into synthetic hydrocarbon fuels

(2) direct synthesis of methane (CH4) from atmospheric air.

Both process and the apparatuses to run them are developed and shall be optimized for industrial use on the basis of an invention for universal, exothermic conversion of gaseous and liquid chemical elements and compounds (the Invention). The ownership rights on the invention have been acquired by Dereroy & Co., a.s. after execution of an Invention Ownership Transfer Agreement with the inventor, in June 2019.